• Taxes are hard.

    Taxes are hard when you are fighting to regulate cash flow on a day-to-day basis. Not because putting numbers on form lines is difficult, but because if you do it wrong, you will spend countless hours on the phone and writing letters to make it right.


    Accounting is hard when you are trying to get a line of credit or secure an infusion of money. Not because classifying business expenses takes a genius, but because sometimes you just don't have the time to sit down and do it.


    Payroll is hard when you are responsible for making sure the people who work for you get paid. Not because entering wage numbers into a program is hard, but making sure the money is there to take care of them is hard.


    These financial functions: Payroll, Accounting & Taxes ARE hard.

    Not just because they are an area of knowledge a business owner may not be strong in, but because they affect your business. The business you are ultimately responsible for.


    We get it.


  • What Our Clients Say

    "We have used Godwin and Associates for a number of years and this is the first Accounting Firm that has made us feel taken care of and secure. We know that everyone in the office has our best interests at heart and are always willing to do the research necessary to help us and protect us. Besides, they are all so nice and we feel like they are our friends.

    It’s been a wonderful relationship and we are looking forward to many more years of work together."


    Warmest Regards, Mary, Roger & Christian Wolters

    The Red Horse Inn

    "As a CPA, it was not easy to admit that my responsibilities to MiraVista LLC, the growing medical billing and consulting company my wife and I began in 2004, did not leave time or energy to manage our accounting and tax planning proactively.  Since the beginning of our working relationship with Godwin & Associates, however, I realize we were missing out on so much more.  Jonathan, Meghan, and their team do not simply prepare tax returns, they are an engaged part of our growing business that can manage the fundamentals without sacrificing the important part...brainstorming how we get from where we are to where we are heading.   


    The Godwins are not really our accountants.  They patently refuse to provide cookie cutter advice or pedestrian thinking.  They are colleagues and peers that actively contribute to our momentum."



    Derrick B. Stark, CPA




    Three years ago we started our architecture firm with one architect (patient husband with lots of knowledge and experience in architecture and management) and one administrative assistant/office manager (hesitant wife with minimal knowledge of architecture or how to run a business).  At the time, we had been married for 31 years and our office was in our home.

    Godwin & Associates, CPA has been an important member of our team from our firm’s beginning and is part of the reason we have graduated to an office (that is not in our home), added employees, and have kept our sanity and sense of humor, now married for 34 years. 


    One of the things that we appreciate the most is that Jonathan and Meghan have experience owning and running a small business with all the ups and downs, accomplishments and hurdles…and that they still love it, have such positive attitudes, and are willing to share what has worked well with others on the journey of owning and growing a successful family business!  They are a great team!


    Kevin and Connie Culhan

    K E V I N  C U L H A N  architect, llc 

    Our company, Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc., has been working with Godwin CPA for several years with much success. Their team always has a smile and consistently has made the time to answer even the smallest of questions. They always respond in a timely manner.

    We have found them to be a very “forward thinking” accounting firm that listens intently and focuses on our particular accounting needs and challenges. After gathering an understanding of our core business model, they utilized the latest technologies to make the accounting portion of our business much smoother and accurate.  Being technology savvy, they applied the latest software to our applications which have reduced man hours and provided for consistent accounting reporting.

    We believe Jon Godwin and his staff have made a huge impact on our success as a company. We wouldn’t do it without them! They are an important part of our team!


    Michael Watts


  • What We Do



    We use accounting as a tool to assist business owners in making the best decisions possible for their business. We don’t prepare financial statements for the heck of it and then never discuss them. We seek to be an asset to the business, and we want to bring valuable information to our clients on a regular basis. This is for businesses that don’t want the robustness of the Outsourced CFO services, but still need guidance with their accounting.


    Why Cloud Accounting is Good for Business


    Outsourced CFO Services


    We provide accounting services, accounts payable processing, financial statement preparation, payroll processing, and business and individual tax advisory/preparation to the business and its owners. We also offer full access to our knowledge via meetings, customized reporting that facilitates decision-making, and brainstorming sessions designed to transform the business. We do what a full-time CFO would do, only we do it from our office.


    Business Mentor


    Business owners are “do-everything” people. Sometimes, in doing everything, we find ourselves alone in our struggles and with no one to listen to our venting. Having an objective third party that doesn't share a roof or bloodline with you is beneficial when trying to work through the issues that arise with a growing business. While most of our services are focused on the business, the mentoring is always focused on the owners. If the heart of the business isn’t healthy, then the business isn’t healthy, either.


    Check out Godwin Start-Up School!



    We offer tax services to clients utilizing our firm for Outsourced CFO Services or Accounting. We also offer tax services at three different pricing options for individuals and self-employed taxpayers who want less interaction with us.

    • FILER- Our introductory option, Filer, offers compliance work only…we prepare your return and see you next year.
    • PLANNER-Our middle option, Planner, offers compliance work and bi-annual tax advisory services. This is our most popular option.
    • EXTENDER- Our third option, Extender, is reserved for those individual tax filers who have no choice but to extend their return past the April deadline and file later.
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