I know that there are people who will look at that title and think, "Eh, taxes aren't that hard." or "Of course you would say that, that is how you make money."
And depending on your connection to taxes, you may be perfectly correct in those assessments. Or you might see it differently.

When you care about something, when you are heavily invested in something, EVERYTHING is hard. And it should be.

And this is why; If it is hard, it matters.

When you recognize how hard something is, you have thought about it intently from multiple perspectives. You have let it sit at the back of your brain and percolate. You have chewed it over, wondered, thrown up your hands in frustration, and then gone back to it. If it is hard, it matters. Maybe not to anyone else, but it matters to you. Don't believe me?

Ever had a baby?

How annoyed were you when a complete stranger said, "Oh, it's not so bad. You'll figure it out." Did that make you feel better? Did you immediately take a deep breath , let your shoulders fall, and say, "Hey, thanks!"

Nope. No way.

You get steamed! You get defensive! You assume this joker is a moron and all their kids are in a detention facility. You find yourself explaining your situation in a little more detail than you meant to. You are the one sitting up at night thinking about the right formula, potty training scenarios, sexual predators, organic eggs, college savings, proper insurance coverage, careful scheduling of events around nap time. You burn considerable glucose over ALL these decisions. Why?

Because you are the one who is SOLELY responsible for this child's survival. "It ain't that hard" from a flippant bystander will easily bring your blood to a boil. And it should. ( Technically, these are what we call "fightin' words")

It is hard when it is yours. Being responsible IS hard.

Payroll is hard when you are responsible for making sure the people who work for you get paid. Not because entering wage numbers into a program is hard, but making sure the money is there to take care of them is hard.

Accounting is hard when you are trying to get a line of credit or secure an infusion of money. Not because classifying business expenses takes a genius, but because sometimes you just don't have the time to sit down and do it.

Taxes are hard when you are fighting to regulate cash flow on a day-to-day basis. Not because putting numbers on form lines is difficult, but because if you do it wrong, you will spend countless hours on the phone and writing letters to make it right.

These financial functions: Payroll, Accounting & Taxes ARE hard. Not just because they are an area of knowledge a business owner may not be strong in, but because they affect your business. The business you are ultimately responsible for.

If it wasn't hard, then it wouldn't be yours.

If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't matter.

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