Tax Season 2022-2023

By: Meghan Godwin

It's that time again...

Yes, that festive time of year when you open mail and download documents that say Important Tax Document.
Tax preparation is something we usually think about once a year, so below are some reminders to set you up for a smooth 2022 tax filing.

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Godwin & Associates Dates to Remember
Mid to late Jan:  Engagement letters/ Tax Organizers
*Tax Organizer PDFs will be emailed to you for download & uploaded to your Sharefile folder
Jan 16: Q4 2022 Estimated Tax Payment Due
Don't forget!
Feb 20:  Business Tax Info Deadline
*Corporations & Partnerships
Mar 31:  Individual Tax Info Deadline
*Schedule C business info due here
Aug 15: Extended Returns -  Last Day to submit tax info

It is our goal in 2023 to move away from sending attachments for download in individual emails and instead put your documents in your Sharefile folder. This will be the last tax season where we email out tax organizers. Next year, they will just be uploaded to your Sharefile folder. As of Aug 1, 2023, all issued financials and reports will also only be uploaded to your Sharefile folder.

How to upload documents - Download PDF

Sharefile Account Set up - Download PDF

The best way to send us information is to:

  1.  Collect & compile all your documents (or a majority of them)


  2.  Get them to us:

    1. Upload -  (client center; direct upload)

    2. Drop-off- 33 Market Point Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

    3. Mail - 33 Market Point Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

To Schedule a phone call, Zoom, or in-person meeting with Jonathan - email Jonathan or Meghan for scheduling link

Just a reminder-

  • PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T Attach Tax Documents with sensitive information to emails (YES, THIS INCLUDES pictures)

    • THIS is the equivalent of putting your social security number on a postcard.  

  • AGAIN, DO NOT send sensitive information as an insecure attachment via email. (SSN, Bank info, Credit Card info, passwords, etc)

  • Upload your document/photos securely at our website

  • If you can't use the upload feature please request any Godwin employee to send you an encrypted email. This way, anything you attach or put in the body of an email is encrypted end to end.

If you upload a picture of a tax document...
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T SEND grainy, blurry, incomplete photos of documents.
Below are a few tips and tricks that might help us all out.

iPhone Users:

Android Users:

Just a reminder about our office address:
33 Market Point Drive, Greenville, SC 29607

What to Expect: Godwin & Associates' Virtual Office

  • You will be able to drop off packages with a receptionist Mon- Fri from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

    • Please come with your documents already in a sealed envelope/package

  • The receptionist alerts Meghan when a package is dropped off and she collects them either that day or the next.

  • All Godwin employees work remotely, so no one is actually at the virtual office.

Quick Links:
Upload Documents to Godwin
IRS - make a payment  *If you don't have an IRS account use "Guest Payment w Direct Pay" option
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